About us



Olaco Inc. is a Llyodminster, Alberta, Canada based trucking company established in 2001 that started as an owner operator business. Since then we have expanded our sub-contracting projects, and in addition to heavy equipment hauling in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Our fleet has grown to offer the following services:

  • Winch Tractor
  • Towing Air Drill
  • General Hauling
  • Pilot Truck
  • Hot Shot Services

Our services are fully customizable, and we work to accommodate our clients’ transporting needs in order to provide a superior quality experience from start to finish. We work with contracts for individual, private and custom order, and we can accommodate our services for each individual client’s transporting goals. Our Pilot Truck Services are perfect for all over-dimensional load transportation, and our drivers know how to work with your custom sized load, while our equipment will ensure that your cargo items get where they need to as safely as possible! We also offer hot shot services, perfect for transporting light loads efficiently! We can accommodate for any sized load, providing a quick a cost-effective service of superior quality for our clients. Ask us about our other services which include: Winch Tractor & Scissor Neck, Air Drill Towing Services, and Highway Tractor Services.

Our fleet is well-maintained and our professional drivers have the skill set to get your heavy equipment and transportation items delivered exactly when and where they need to be. Whether your transport load is smaller or over-sized and complicated, our team will be able to accommodate and ensure your needs are fulfilled exactly as specified.  Our experienced drivers understand the intricacies of loading and unloading over dimensional or heavy or custom items, and work with you to get your load delivered. Your equipment and transportation loads are important to you, and at Olaco Inc, and we work to protect your high-value items to ensure they get safely delivered to their intended destination. Expect us to work with you so you can relax knowing your transportation load is taken care of. Our dedication to efficient, quality and damage-free service is proven in our work ethic.

We are federally regulated and operate in three provinces in Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskachewan. Our services and service area is constantly expanding and fleet is continually growing to accommodate our growth and demand. Over the next couple of years, we are looking to expand our operating areas.

We are currently proudly serving clients in the oil fields, construction and farming sectors, and looking to expand into other Industries. Simply contact us to find out how we can work for you within your industry.

We are welcoming new clients year-round. If you have any inquiries about our heavy equipment hauling services in Alberta contact one of our representatives for more information. Or for a FREE estimate please call us at: (780)-205-2525 or simply send us an email to: info@olaco.ca.

President Mr. Marc Ouellette