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Count on Olaco Inc. to be your go-to trucking company in Alberta. We offer a variety of transportation services for all goods and oversized loads at an affordable rate. Our service is reliable, timely, and available when you need it. We are dedicated to providing quality equipment and service you can count on. With highly adaptable vehicles and professional drivers, we will ensure that no matter the difficultly level of your transport item or items, you will be satisfied with our reliable, safe and accommodating service. We specialize in a variety of hauling and transporting services and have a variety of vehicles for transportation including Winch Tractors & Scissor Neck, Towing Air Drills, General Hauling, Pilot Trucks, Hot-shot services and more. We can accommodate a variety of loads from smaller loads with our hot-shot services to over-dimensional loads with our pilot trucks- just ask us to give you an estimate! With the right equipment coupled with the experience and our dedication to service, we know we have the equipment and drivers to fulfill your needs and to make sure the job is done safely. We are regulated federally and operate across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan and are looking to expanding our areas of operation.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a highly adaptable level of service for any occasion. If you are looking for reliable and affordable services look no further than Olaco Inc., a reliable trucking company located here in Alberta for hassle-free transportation. We can cater to any type of project and request. Simply contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and receive a free estimate. See below for information on the services we offer.

Winch Tractor & Scissor Neck

Our winch tractor and scissor neck combo allows us to haul various types of loads such as skidded buildings, construction equip-…


Frac Sand Hauling

We provide Frac Sand Hauling services, transporting frac sand, safely either short or long distance across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan…


Highway Tractor

Our fleet includes vehicles with both step-deck and flat-deck. We can expand to accommodate any size or shaped load in order to haul more effectively and…


Pilot Truck

Pilot truck

We provide pilot truck services for all over-dimensional load transportation — rest assured that our drivers will safely be able to help get your cargo where it needs to be! …


Hot shot services

We have half-ton hot shot trucks with utility trailers, perfect for transporting light loads. We can also use a tractor unit for heavier loads, all at an affordable cost…


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