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Our services are fully customizable.  We work to accommodate our clients’ transportation needs and provide a superior quality experience from start to finish.

We work with individual, private and custom order contracts, and our equipment is designed to be flexible to meet each client’s transporting goals. Our Pilot Car/Truck Services are perfect for all over-size load transportation.  We offer farm equipment, oilfield, long haul and frac sand hauling services, Our drivers know how to work with your custom loads, while our equipment will ensure that your cargo items get where they need to as safely as possible!

We also offer hot shot services for any sized load – small to heavy trailer loads, providing a quick a cost-effective service of superior quality for our clients.

Ask us about our other services which include: Winch Tractor & Scissor Neck, Air Drill Towing Services, and Highway Tractor Services.


Our fleet of heavy haul vehicles includes a winch tractor and scissor neck combo, highway tractors, pilot cars/trucks, and more. All of our equipment is well-maintained, and our professional drivers know how to get your heavy equipment and trucking loads delivered exactly when and where they need to be.

Whether your transport load is smaller or over-sized and complicated, our team will be able to accommodate and ensure your needs are fulfilled exactly as specified.  Our experienced drivers understand the intricacies of loading and unloading over size, heavy or custom items.  They work with you to get your load delivered.

Your equipment and transportation loads are important to you and to us at Olaco Inc. We work to protect your high-value items to ensure they get safely delivered to their intended destination. Our goal at Olaco Inc. is to help you relax knowing your transportation load is well taken care of.


We are federally regulated and operate throughout Western Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskachewan. Our services and service area is constantly expanding and fleet is continually growing to accommodate our growth and demand.

We proudly serve clients in the oilfield, construction and farming sectors, and we are moving into industries with heavy haul trucking needs. We want to be your trucking solution.  Contact Olaco Inc.  to find out how we can meet your trucking needs.

We are committed to being the most trusted name in the Western Canadian transportation industry while providing our customers with the very best heavy haul trucking experience.

President Mr. Marc Ouellette



We provide transportation for Western Canadian farmers, including towing air drills, and hauling combines, tractors, swathers, and other farm equipment.  We have the right equipment to get the job done.  Plus, all our vehicles are equipped with a winch to rescue or haul out broken farm equipment. Contact us for more information on how we can be a solution for all of your towing and hauling needs.

Hot Shot Service


We have half-ton hot shot trucks with utility trailers, perfect for transporting light loads. We can also use a tractor unit for heavier loads, all at an affordable cost. Our Hot Shot service is available for all types of trucking, including farm equipment, oilfield, long haul, and oversize load.  This service is a great solution for any client looking to move a smaller load, and/or items that are time-sensitive in nature. Contact us to learn more!



We provide frac sand hauling services, transporting frac sand, safely either short or long distance across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Trust us to get your frac sand to your desired location safely. Contact us for more information on this or any of our trucking services.



We provide pilot truck services for all oversize load transportation, including farm and oilfield equipment — rest assured that our drivers will be able to safely get your cargo where it needs to be! With competitive pricing and an understanding of requirements of the industry standardsour drivers and vehicles have the experience loading, securing, hauling and transporting over dimensional loads. Contact us for more information on how we can be a solution for all of your oversized transportation needs.

Winch Tractor


Our winch tractor and scissor neck combo allows us to haul a wide variety of custom loads including skidded buildings, construction equipment, oilfield equipment, and farm equipment. We are also able to transport non-skidded buildings using a picker unit to load and offload equipment. Higher quality equipment ensures higher quality service, and our goal is to provide the best service for all of our clients. Our services are highly customizable; contact us  today to see how we can work for you.

Highway Tractor


Our trucking fleet includes vehicles with both step-decks and flat-decks. Our vehicles are adaptable, and we can expand to accommodate any size or shaped load.  We haul more effectively and efficiently while providing our clients with a highly adaptable customization service. We will work with you to help get your loads and equipment to where you need. Contact us to find out how we can help accommodate our services for your needs.

Not sure which transport solution fits your needs?